Cristina Chiomenti personally takes care of all phases in creation of her jewels.


Fantasia, experience in design and taste in chromatic combination of the stones all come together to create original and exclusive models.


Only valuable materials are used: precious metals and natural gems.

The presented jewels are made of Sterling Silver and can be manufactured in gold (yellow, white or pink).

All gems are natural and personally selected by Cristina Chiomenti through her gemologist knowledge.
Natural stones, whose differences in tones and veins characterize the jewel contributing to make it unique.
Untreated corals, of the Corallium variety, the most prized.
Freshwater culture pearls or saltwater on request.


All pieces are handmade and cared for in detail by Cristina Chiomenti using traditional goldsmith techniques like lost-wax casting. This is an ancient proceeding used also for sculptures, in which the piece is molded with wax and then melted in metal.

On all jewels is stamped the 925 mark for sterling silver (or 750 for gold) and the 2344MI mark which identifies the laboratory of Cristina Chiomenti and guarantees by law the authenticity of the precious metal.


Artisanal creation gives ample room for customization.
The models proposed can be made, on request, with different stones and metals and with personalized lengths.


Each jewel is accompanied by a guarantee certificate indicating the carat weight of the gems and a description of the gemstones, including mineral characteristics and curiosities about the origin of the name, history and legends and about crystal healing properties.

All this makes each piece unique and unrepeatable.